After sales warranty

Warranty certificate


Company name: Huangshan Bank Enterprise New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Product: crystalline silicon solar modules ("modules" or "products")

By purchasing solar modules from YINQIA, you have chosen high-quality products, which will meet all your expectations. If the product follows the instructions in the installation instruction manual ("Guide") attached to us and provides proper maintenance. We are confident that YINQIA solar module products will continue to maintain their power generation capacity ("functional capability")

We are confident in the product quality, and we are willing to extend it to the end user (that is, any modification made by anyone who originally installed the product or legally obtained the product from the original purchaser, and whether the product complies with the following warranty.

1. Limited product warranty

YINQIA guarantees that its modules, including factory assembled DC connectors and cables, are free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal conditions in terms of application, installation, use and service conditions, including:

1) If installed and used correctly, it will not be subject to any significant adverse effects, which may limit the stability of the module.

2) No glass turbidity or discoloration is allowed.

3) If professionally installed, cables and connector plugs shall be kept safe and operable, immersed in water, puddles or any other conditions that may affect the function or damaged by any external force (including animal bites, such as rodent bites, bird bites and insects).

4) If installed correctly, the aluminum frame will not freeze in cold weather& nbsp;

5) Only applicable to modules marked "Class A application" on the label.

If the module is purchased from the date shown on the invoice ("Purchase Date"), YINQIA will repair or replace the product at its option. Repair or replacement shall be the only remedy provided under the "Limited Product Warranty" and shall not exceed the 144 month period specified in this Agreement. Any claimed quality problem must be certified by an independent authoritative third party (its appointment must be agreed by the customer and YINQIA). The Limited Product Warranty does not provide any warranty for a specific power output, which is separately covered by Article 2 below (the "Limited Peak Power Warranty").

2. Limited peak power guarantee

See the product for relevant effective output data. YINQIA guarantees that the actual power output of the product will be reduced within 25 years after the purchase date

1) For single crystal products: 3% for the first year, 0.68% for each year thereafter, and 80.18% for the 25th year after the start date< span style="text-indent: 2em;">& nbsp;

2) Polycrystalline products: 2.5% in the first year, 0.7% annually thereafter, and 80.7% in the 25th year after the warranty start date.

STC is as follows: (a) spectrum of AM 1.5, (b) 1000W/㎡ and (c) The battery temperature is 25 ℃. 61215 is measured according to IEC, and the test tolerance is ± 3%

3.  Exclusions and Limitations

In any case, any warranty claim must be filed with an independent authoritative third party within the applicable warranty scope (its appointment must be agreed by the customer and YINQIA). This warranty certificate is only applicable to the "Class A" module of YI N QIA. Product "B" or "C" designated as "Class" is not covered by this warranty. The "Limited Product Warranty" and the "Limited Peak Power Warranty" do not include any costs associated with the removal or reinstallation of modules and (except as expressly provided in Section 5, paragraph, of the Final Document) customs clearance or any other cost modules. In addition, the "Limited Product Warranty" and "Peak Power Warranty" do not apply to any of the following modules:

1) Abuse and abuse. Previous negligence, storage accident or improper transportation and installation

2) Change, improper installation or application, and non-compliance with the installation and maintenance instructions of YINQIA.

3) Service technicians who replace, repair or modify the product YINQIA by unauthorized personnel.

4) The identification number sequence has been changed, defiled, deleted or made illegible.

5) Use the product on mobile equipment such as vehicles or ships.

6) Dirt, pollution or damage on the panel affect the salt pollution or other chemicals of e, g. smog.

7) Power failure surge, lighting, flood, fire, accidental damage or other external events shall be controlled by Yin Jia.

4. Limit of warranty scope

The limited warranty specified herein supersedes and excludes all other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability and fitness YINQIA&# 39; Solar's special application purpose and all other obligation modules, unless such other warranties and obligations are provided by Yin Jia. Some jurisdictions restrict or do not allow disclaimers, so this provision may not apply to customers

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, YINQIA hereby declares that it shall not be liable for any damage or injury to persons or property or for any other loss or injury to any of its products or their uses caused by or in connection with any reason. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, under no circumstances shall YINQIA be liable to the customer or any third party for any claim for loss of profits, loss of use or downtime of the equipment, or any product, even if YINQIA has been informed of the possibility of such damage. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, YINQIA's cumulative liability (if any) in damages shall not exceed the product paid by the customer to YINQIA

The Client acknowledges that the above limitation of liability is an essential element of the agreement between the parties and that the purchase price of the element products without such limitation will be significantly different. Some jurisdictions restrict or do not allow disclaimers, so this provision may not apply to customers& nbsp;

Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on the exclusion of damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to customers.

4.  Get warranty performance

If the Customer has a reasonable claim covered by this Limited Warranty, immediate notice to YINQIA directly shall be given by sending an email to YINQIA at the address listed below or to the email account listed below. The customer shall attach the claim evidence in the notice, including the corresponding serial number and date of the module. Clearly indicating the purchase date, purchase price, module type, YINQIA or its seal or signature distributor shall also be submitted as part of the evidence.

No module will be returned unless prior written authorization is obtained& nbsp;

Provided by YINQIA, in connection with the "Limited Product Warranty" and the "Limited Peak" related power warranty ", YINQIA shall re deliver any repair or replacement module to the Customer Service Department for reasonable, customary and return modules and only if authorized by YINQIA.

6. Force Majeure

YINQIA shall not be liable to the Client or any third party for any failure or delay in the performance of YINQIA's reasonable control over YINQIA due to war, riots, strikes, conditions of war, plague or other epidemics, fires, floods or other similar reasons or circumstances. In this case, YINQIA's performance warranty to the Company shall be suspended for a period of reasonable delay without liability attributable to these reasons.

7. Others

You may have specific legal rights beyond this warranty, or you may have different rights in other states. This limited warranty does not affect your rights under any other law. Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of contingencies Therefore, the limitation or exclusion statement in the Limited Warranty may not apply to you.

8. Contacts

If you have any questions, please contact the dealer product you purchased or YINQIA at the following address:

Address: Huangshan Industrial Park, Anhui Province, China< span style="text-indent: 2em;">& nbsp;

Tel./Fax:+86-559-8515292& nbsp;


9. Revision of this document

YINQIA has the absolute right to modify and interpret the warranty terms, and provide certificates when necessary.

10. Legal Choice

This guarantee is only governed and interpreted by the following laws: the Principality of China.