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Europe Restarts the "Solar PV Innovation Platform"

2022.10.31 Edit: YinQia Solar Hits:17

In late September, the European Technology&Innovation Platform (ETIP) announced its restart; ETIP PV (photovoltaic project) to support the solar photovoltaic industry's strategic energy technology plan of the European Union (SET Plan); Contribution of& nbsp;

The project will run from 2022 to 2025. "ETIP PV" is composed of a standing steering group and a thematic working group composed of industry and academic experts in the field of solar photovoltaic. As an independent institution recognized by the European Commission and the SET Program Steering Group, and as a representative in the photovoltaic field, ETIP PV will provide suggestions to European policy makers and promote the update of solar photovoltaic technology& nbsp;

Following the landmark EU solar strategy of the European Commission, the update of ETIP PV will support policy makers through the technical design and implementation of a decade long definition of European solar regulations. The platform, through its suggestions, may cover research and innovation, market development including competitiveness, education and industrial policies, and provide suggestions on solar photovoltaic competitiveness, digitization, industrialization, life cycle quality and integrated technology& nbsp;

ETIP PV serves as a reference point for EU and member state policy makers to innovate in the field of solar energy, and cooperates with national and regional photovoltaic platforms and trade associations to promote the effective adoption of solar photovoltaic technology. At the same time, the platform has established relationships with organizations with similar motivations, such as the European Energy Research Union and other ETIP projects& nbsp;

The project is funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe program and operated by the SolarPower Europe Secretariat in Brussels, Belgium, and WIP Renewable Energies in Munich, Germany. The new Chairman of the Steering Committee (Chairman and two Vice Chairmen) will be elected at the next Steering Committee meeting in Brussels on October 10, 2022.

Not long ago, Global Photovoltaics reported the latest innovation of the Fraunhofer Solar System Research Institute in Germany, which has doubled the output rate of solar cells.


In order to realize the European solar energy strategy, ETIP PV will invest more in the technological innovation of photovoltaic manufacturing to achieve the "European manufacturing" of the photovoltaic industry.

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