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YinQia ‘BIPV production line officially put into operation

2022.09.01 Edit:YinQia Solar Hits:50

With the global more attention to new energy and advocating the policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, under the joint promotion of multiple policies issued in China, Huangshan Yinqia officially put into operation the first BIPV production line in August 2022, which marks a milestone step for YinQia Solar to enter the field of BIPV industry, and is an important action to help achieve the "dual carbon" goal.


Mr. Niu Benxu, chairman of YinQia Solar, said that the reason why YinQia Solar Start the BIPV production line is that the PV building materials in the current market have some defects such as ugly appearance, inability to customize, and low solar energy conversion rate, which restricts the development of the industry. With the maturity of technology and the support of the state, the PV construction industry has gradually reached the critical point of breakthrough development, and YinQia is playing a leading role in the market.


The biggest feature of YinQia Solar 's BIPV products is that they not only meet the standards in the field of building materials, but also have solar power generation functions, realizing the leap from energy saving to energy generation. Compared with the same category of products in the market, BIPV products produced by YinQia Solar also have the advantages of higher solar energy conversion efficiency, more beautiful product appearance and more flexible customized services.

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